9 Best Horse Breeds You Should Know

Did you know that there are an estimated 7.2 million horses in the US?

Have you ever dreamed of one of those horses being yours? You can make that dream turn into a reality. But, you need to decide what horse will best suit you.

Let’s talk about nine of the best horse breeds you should know. Keep reading to find out more about these amazing horses!

Best Horse Breeds for Beginners

The best horse breed for you depends on what you are looking for in the horse. Horses for beginners can be different breeds than horses for a professional rider. 

1. American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is a popular horse for beginners to start out with. 

It works great for beginners because they are a reliable breed of horse and very easy to work with. It is a calm and peaceful horse and doesn’t easily get angered. 

These horses normally range to be between 14-16 hands in height, roughly 56 inches. They have a square and more muscular form so they make for a strong first horse.

American quarter horses can run short distances very fast in contrast with some other horses who take time to speed up, making them faster in long distances.

The American quarter horse can also come in a variety of different colors and can be a very beautiful breed. It is a great choice for a beginner rider. 

2. Morgan

Morgan horses are also great for beginners as they are generally very sociable and kind.

They have an urge and eagerness to please their owners which makes them a great choice for kids and families. They also have lower maintenance and are easy to take care of. 

Morgan horses typically come in darker colors like browns and blacks. They can be very animated when they want to be, but they love humans and will cope well with being introduced to strangers.

They won’t be spooked easily, so if you want to ride a horse that is stable and social, Morgans are the way to go. 

3. American Paint

The American Paint horse has brighter coloring and patterns and is a very versatile horse. It is sociable and amiable with easy temperaments. 

Because they are intelligent horses, they are also easy to train and form deep connections with their rider. Paints make for great first-time horses because of their ability to socialize well and train easily.

4. Arabian

Arabian horses are a very popular breed throughout history, with there being 660,000 Arabian horses registered in the US today. 

Arabian horses make for great companions for beginners and advanced riders. They are sociable and calm, making them a great choice for children. 

While these horses are great companions and form deep bonds, it is very important that they are trained properly so they do not have behavioral issues as they grow older. Having an experienced rider train the horse with a younger rider is a preferred way to handle these horses. 

Best Horse Breeds for Advanced Riders

The right horse for you if you are an advanced and professional rider will be very different than if you are a beginner. There are five horses that might suit you well if you are looking to get into show jumping or professional riding. 

5. Belgian Draft

The Belgian draft is a strong and large horse that was originally used for agricultural needs. Today, you see them being used in shows and riding. 

These horses make great for show jumping because they have a strong body and lively spirit. They pack a lot of power into them.

Because of the spirited and powerful nature of the horse, intermediate and more advanced riders might fit this horse better. However, this horse does have a patient quality to it that can do well for some beginners. 

6. Westphalian 

Westphalians are extremely athletic and powerful which makes them a great choice for show jumping and professional riding. 

Because it is both athletic and rideable, advanced riders and amateur riders are able to ride a Westphalian. Advanced riders are more likely to use them, however, for shows and professional riding. 

While amateurs riders can ride them, beginners should choose another horse because of the power and high mobility that the Westphalian possesses. 

7. Holsteiner

The Holsteiner is a great horse for advanced riders who are beginners at show jumping. 

It is a bold and balanced horse with spirit, but it also is very easily trained and reliable. 

If you are looking to getting into show jumping, but a little intimidated at your options, a Holsteiner is a good horse to start with. 

8. Thoroughbred

The classic thoroughbred is a highly skilled horse for show jumping and advanced riders. 

It is naturally athletic but also a sensitive horse, bonding well with quieter and gentler riders. 

It has strong back legs which are optimal for show jumping, but it can also trot fast for long distances if you need it just for riding. 

9. Hanoverian

The Hanoverian horse is a prime option for professional riders and advanced show jumpers. This horse has won gold medals in equestrian Olympic competitions, which makes it not only a powerful horse but also a popular one. 

The Hanoverian horse is optimal for professional riders. Because of its docile and intelligent nature, however, amateurs are able to ride them as well. 

They are easily trained and are beautiful horses with exuberant grace and power. 

How Much Will It Cost to Buy a Horse?

The cost of a horse can on average be around $2,500-$3,000 depending on the kind of horse. It can be higher or lower, it all revolves around if you are picky and if you are looking for something specific. 

The care of the horse will be more costly in the long run, as you will have to upkeep it. You will need to afford to have a stable for the horse, food, fencing, training equipment, and grooming equipment. 

Having a horse is a big and costly commitment, so it is important to weigh the financial aspects before getting one. 

Which One Is for Me?

Now you know what the best horse breeds are for beginners and advanced riders. You can make an intelligent decision based on what you need and the kind of rider you are. 

Need some help training that horse? Take a look at our behavior and training resources to help!

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